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Volunteers who do not have the appropriate level of A Safe Space training for all the roles they hold by 31st December 2020, will have their membership withdrawn by Girlguiding.  The process for these membership withdrawals has already begun and can only be halted if the necessary training is completed.  If your membership is withdrawn, existing regulations relating to the termination of membership mean you will be unable to apply to come back into Guiding for three years. Withdrawal of your membership could also have implications when you apply for a job if you are asked if you have ever been refused membership of an organisation.  

Girlguiding will be issuing guidance about what to do if you are unable to complete your training by 31st December 2020 due to mitigating circumstances. Click here to go to the Girlguiding Website for the latest updates.

Please check your own membership record on GO to make sure your training has been properly recorded.  If you receive a reminder from Girlguiding HQ, the Region or your Local Commissioner, do not assume this does not apply to you; it will have been sent out because your GO records show that you still need to complete your training and the e-mails will continue until your GO records have been updated.  Do not ignore them!  

You may well have completed your training, but if you have not submitted a screenshot of your e-learning completion or certificate, your records may not have been updated.  If you have problems accessing your records or have any questions about how to update these, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Clair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Commissioners:   If you are struggling with a long list of volunteers who still need to complete their training and are unsure where to start and what actions are required, we can offer you a one-to-one Zoom call to help you understand your list and provide advice on the actions that need to be taken by you and your volunteers.  If you are a Division Commissioner and would like a Zoom call for yourself and your District Commissioners, then we can offer that too.  E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming whether you would like a one-to-one call or a group call and what day and time would suit you best, and we will arrange the meeting for you and send out the necessary links to the participants.  

Please remind Units to make sure their occasional helpers in particular complete Levels 1 and 2 as required. We can provide you with a list of volunteers within respective Divisions/Districts/Counties or Islands who still need to complete their training, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to download an Excel spreadsheet listing all the Units which are not Level 3 compliant.  The Units are grouped by County/Island.  If you would prefer a list in Word, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  You can also help by carrying out a housekeeping exercise on all your members with inactive roles who appear on GO.  You can track the A Safe Space levels for your volunteers by logging onto GO and selecting Level Support/Commissioners>Reports>A Safe Space Report.  Use the help file, Using Statistical Reports to find out more.

All Volunteers:  Click here to check the A Safe Space training required for your role - this applies to all the roles you hold. Your local Commissioner will have details of the trainings which are available in your area. Please note that Leaders who completed the previous A Safe Space training equivalent to Levels 1 - 2 (before September 2017) will be required to renew their training before December 2020, and A Safe Space Levels 1 - 3 must be renewed every three years.  If your training is due for renewal after December 2020, please book onto trainings which are being held in 2021 and leave the spaces on the 2020 trainings for those volunteers who need to complete their training before January.  We will be releasing more dates in 2021 so you won't miss out!

If you need any help, support or advice, please contact a member of the Region Team.

Level 1

Click here to go to the Level 1 e-learning module (this takes approximately 20 minutes to complete).  This level can also be completed by attending a face-to-face training. 

Level 2

Click here to go to the Level 2 e-learning module. This takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes an assessment quiz.  This level can also be completed by attending a Level 2 face-to-face training.

Level 3

The Level 3 A Safe Space training will now be delivered virtually. Click here to go to our Events Booking Site for more information.

The Level 3 e-learning is optional and is expected to be a top-up to the face-to-face training that is being delivered virtually.  If you are a Leader and need Level 3 to be compliant, or for your Unit to be compliant, then you need to complete the face-to-face training online.  

At least one Leader per unit (Leader, Assistant Leader or Leader in Training) must have completed A Safe Space Level 3 by the end of this year.  

If you hold a role that requires Level 3 and you do not complete the training before 31st December 2020 and you also help at a Unit, your membership will be withdrawn and you will not be able to re-join Girlguiding for three years.  This means you will not be able to continue your role or help at any Unit.  If your role is currently inactive, please have the role ended and re-activated once you are ready to start that role again in order to prevent your membership being withdrawn. 

Level 4

The Region's A Safe Space Level 4 training will now be delivered virtually in two sessions, both of which need to be attended in order to complete the training.  Click here to go to our Events Booking Site for more information.

Going Away With Licence

After December 2020, Leaders who hold the Going Away With Licence will be required to complete Levels 1 - 3 of the A Safe Space training if they wish to continue to use their licence to take girls away.  Residential events planned before the compliance deadline can still go ahead without this requirement being met, but it is considered good practice for the training to have been completed.  

Recognised Prior Learning

Volunteers who already have safeguarding expertise or experience outside of Guiding might be exempt from attending Level 3 training and should complete the A Safe Space Recognising Prior Learning Process application form.  To be eligible, volunteers must hold a qualification attached to their professional role which includes child or adult protection within the syllabus, and receive yearly updates.  Their professional role must include decision making responsibility as a designated lead or similar.  

Click here to download the form - you might find the following 'top tips' useful!  The completed form should be returned to Vikki Warner at the Region Office via e-mail by 1st December 2020 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We cannot guarantee that we will have time to process applications which are received after this date, particularly if further information is required.  Please do not return your form by post.  

  • Make sure you complete every box on the application form.
  • Attach the evidence required.  This needs to demonstrate the qualification you have as well as the designated lead role.  You can share certificates and even a name badge showing your designated lead role.
  • Make sure your evidence has not expired.  If there is less than a year left on this, are you able to provide anything else?
  • Don't forget to share a screenshot of your completed e-learning courses on your GO record (see note below).
  • If your certificate doesn't detail the course content, are you able to find a webpage with this on or ask your employer to confirm this is equivalent to the A Safe Space Level 3 outcomes?

There is no recognised prior Safeguarding learning and experience available for Levels 1, 2 and 4 as the content covered in these levels explains specific Girlguiding approaches to Safeguarding.  

A Safe Space Certificate of ComplianceFor all those Units that have reached total compliance, ie all their volunteers have the correct level of training for all their roles, we have created the A Safe Space Certificate of Compliance. Click here to download the certificate as a Word document which can either be edited and then printed, or printed and completed by hand.  The certificate can be displayed by a Unit in its meeting place.  Perhaps District and Division Commissioners would like to present the certificate to Units once they have become fully compliant.  

If you need any help or support on any aspect of A Safe Space training, please contact your local Commissioner, your County or Island GO Co-ordinator, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.


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