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You will receive notice 120 days prior to your A Safe Space qualification expiring.  Please renew this as soon as you can - this will not affect your renewal date in three years' time.      

Girlguiding will act quickly to remove your membership if you have not completed the necessary training for all the roles you hold, and existing regulations relating to the termination of membership mean you will not be able to apply to return to Girlguiding for three years.  This could have implications when applying for a job if you are asked if you have ever been refused membership of an organisation.  

It is now a requirement for a Leader, Assistant Leader or Leader-in-Training with Level 3 A Safe Space to be present at any Unit meeting, including virtual meetings.  Please do not rely on one person per Unit having the necessary training as you need to cover for absences, whether planned or otherwise.  If you do not have a Leader, Assistant Leader or Leader-in-Training with Level 3 A Safe Space present, then your Unit meeting cannot go ahead.  

If you have completed your Level 3 training as a Leader/Assistant Leader/Leader-in-Training in one Unit, and are a Unit Helper/Unit Administrator in a second Unit, your Level 3 will not provide the necessary 'cover' for the second Unit.  If both Units are in the same Section, you will need to amend your role for the second Unit to Leader/Assistant Leader/Leader-in-Training.  If the Units are in different Sections, you will need to complete Module 1 of the Leadership Qualification which can now be done using a checklist - click here.

Click here to check the A Safe Space training required for your role.  Levels 1-3 need to be renewed every three years and Level 4, after five years  Your Levels will not necessarily expire at the same time.  If you take on a new role, you will have 120 days from the start date to complete the required training.

Level 1

Click here to go to the Level 1 e-learning module (this takes approximately 20 minutes to complete).  This level can also be completed by attending a face-to-face training. 

Level 2

Click here to go to the Level 2 e-learning module. This takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes an assessment quiz.  This level can also be completed by attending a Level 2 face-to-face training.

Level 3

The Level 3 A Safe Space training will now be delivered virtually. Click here to go to our Events Booking Site for more information.

The Level 3 e-learning is optional and is expected to be a top-up to the face-to-face training that is being delivered virtually.  If you are a Leader and need Level 3 to be compliant, or for your Unit to be compliant, then you need to complete the face-to-face training online.  

Level 4

The Region's A Safe Space Level 4 training will now be delivered virtually in two sessions, both of which need to be attended in order to complete the training.  Click here to go to our Events Booking Site for more information.

Going Away With Licence

Leaders who hold the Going Away With Licence are now required to complete Levels 1 - 3 of the A Safe Space training if they wish to continue to use their licence to take girls away.   

Recognised Prior Learning

Volunteers who already have safeguarding expertise or experience outside of Guiding might be exempt from attending Level 3 training and should complete the A Safe Space Recognising Prior Learning Process application form.  To be eligible, volunteers must hold a qualification attached to their professional role which includes child or adult protection within the syllabus, and receive yearly updates.  Their professional role must include decision making responsibility as a designated lead or similar.  

Click here to download the form - you might find the following 'top tips' useful!  The completed form should be returned to the Region Office via e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please do not return your form by post.  

  • Make sure you complete every box on the application form.
  • Attach the evidence required.  This needs to demonstrate the qualification you have as well as the designated lead role.  You can share certificates and even a name badge showing your designated lead role.
  • Make sure your evidence has not expired.  If there is less than a year left on this, are you able to provide anything else?
  • Don't forget to share a screenshot of your completed e-learning courses on your GO record (see note below).
  • If your certificate doesn't detail the course content, are you able to find a webpage with this on or ask your employer to confirm this is equivalent to the A Safe Space Level 3 outcomes?

There is no recognised prior Safeguarding learning and experience available for Levels 1, 2 and 4 as the content covered in these levels explains specific Girlguiding approaches to Safeguarding.  

If you need any help or support on any aspect of A Safe Space training, please contact your local Commissioner, your County or Island GO Co-ordinator, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.


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